Edge Malkin Co - 1873 - 1903

Dinner plate   (E0191)

Size: 250mm diameter

Manufacture: Edge Malkin Co

  • The partners were Joseph Edge, William Millett Edge, John Wilcox Edge and James Malkin.In 1892 John Wilcox Edge retired from the business. In 1893 James Malkin retired and William Spencer Millett Edge joined the business. In 1894 Sydney Malkin left the partnership and the business was continued by the Edge family alone - the name Edge, Malkin & Co was continued. By 1902 the business was bankrupt and went into voluntary liquidation. S Webster Dean (who was the chairman of Edge, Malkin & Co.) continued the business as S W Dean until 1910. 

Year of manufacture:  circa: 1873 - 1903

Back stamp as per photo: Dog (blue) Trade mark - E. M & Co

... name impressed

Fair condition

Note: only one available

Price: $60.00

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