John Ridgway - 1862

Dinner plate (E0198)

Size: 265mm diameter

Manufacture: John Ridgway 

John Ridgway (& Co)Succeeding J & W Ridgway at Cauldon Place, Shelton.
Manufacturer of fine porcelain and earthenware.
c.1830-41John Ridgway & Co was succeeded by:John Ridgway, Bates & Co:      c.1856-58
Bates, Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co: c.1859-61
Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co:   c.1862-1904

Year of manufacture: 1862

Back stamp as per photo: 3526 (red) - lozenge date stamp 

Excellent condition

Note: only one available

Price: $265.00

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