Large Jug - Dale Hall Pottery

Large jug -  Roman figures & plum trees in relief  (E0135)

Fair condition ( may have had a lid?)

Height: 300mm

Diameter at base: 160mm

Manufacture: Dale Hall Pottery - Longport - Parian ware 

Year of manufacture: 2nd July 1850

Markings on base: T J & J Mayer  - No96/6 

Thomas, John and Joseph Mayer took over a pottery at Dale Hall sometime between 1836 and 1841. From 1843-55 they traded as T. J. & J. Mayer;

Date lozenge on base

Parian ware is a type of biscuit porcelain imitating marble. It was developed around 1845 by the Staffordshire pottery manufacturer Mintons, and named after Paros, the Greek island renowned for its fine-textured, white Parian marble, used since antiquity for sculpture.

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